Motown Automotive Repairs


Cooling Systems

We pressure-test the radiator, inspect hoses for leaks, radiator cap for proper sealing, check coolant level, check water pump for leaks or wear and all drive belts for tension and condition.

Cooling system service includes:
Inspecting the radiator hoses and heater hoses, look for cracking, bulging, swelling, sponginess, and leaks. Inspect the v-belts or the serpentine belt for wear. Inspect the water pump for leaks around the shaft, from the weep hole, and around where it mates with the engine block. Inspect the radiator core for leaks. Check the thermostat for opening and closing at preset temperatures, radiator pressure cap test. Inspect the electric fans for proper operation. Power flushing the coolant system and replacing the coolant and pressure test the cooling system for leaks.